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Proudly represented by Aqua Talent Agency:


Happily managed by Bedford Artists Management:

Events and appearances handled by Brite Star Promotions:



How do I book you for Union Projects?

I am a SAG-AFTRA actress represented by Aqua Talent Agency.  You can book me for television, commercials and film through and CC:




How do I book you for my event?

Booking for events and conventions should always be scheduled through Brite Star Promotions.  Please email and CC




What are your rates?

I am a SAG_AFTRA actress and I work for the SAG standard rate as determined by the union the specified role and your budget.  Merch gaurentees can be discussed with John at Brite Star Promo..

How do I email you myself?

Due to scams I do not accept personal emails, but I am very active on social media.  You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Twitch by using the links below!

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