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Dread Central gives ERIN MARIE HOGAN props! recently reviewed House of Manson, and gave eternall in caps - ERIN MARIE HOGAN a nice shoutout:

"ERIN MARIE HOGAN’s outline as the completely brainwashed Linda Kasabian is not only spot-on, but disheartening to see just how someone’s words can cause a mind to fray – pretty creepy stuff."

"Not since Helter Skelter aired WAY back in 1976 has there been such a chilling depiction of Charles Manson himself, and as we hop in the time machine and truck into 2015, Ryan Kiser’s performance as the prolific madman serves as a nice portrayal and, backed by a number of iron-clad supporting roles, make House of Manson one to ink in the record books as a film that drops you dead in the center of a psychedelic undertaking that robbed innocents of not only their lives, but their minds as well."

Read the rest on :!

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